About CNR - IMIP

The mission of the Institute of Inorganic Methodologies and Plasmas (IMIP) is the experimental and theoretical investigation, characterization and control of basic chemical-physics processes determining the chemical reactivity in macroscopic systems. Therefore the activities of fundamental research are strongly oriented towards applications of technological interest in material science (deposition and treatment via plasma ), aero-thermodynamics, energy (fusion plasma technology), environment and health.

The Institute was established in 2002 by the merger of two previously existing Institutes in Rome (IMAI) and Potenza (IMS) together with two research centres at the Universities of Bari (CSCP) and Rome (SACSO). In 2004 the personnel of the SACSO centre together with 9 researchers of the Rome and Potenza branches joined a new initiative (the Institute of Complex Systems). At the end of 2007 the CNR staff of the Institute amounted to 46 people (14 in Rome, 22 in Bari and 9 in Potenza, respectively) and 15 associated researchers. At the beginning of 2008 the Bari branch benefitted from the recruitment of 8 researchers, via a joint initiative of the CNR and the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Since 2001 IMIP has a research unit which runs the Gas phase photoemission beamline at the synchrotron facility “Elettra”. Since December 2013 the headquarter of IMIP moved to Bari, while Rome and Potenza branches became ISM branches.

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