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Wednesday, 30 May 2012 11:50

Plasmas for Material Science

Selected publications:

1. M. Losurdo, M.M. Giangregorio, P. Capezzuto, G. Bruno, R.G. Toro, G. Malandrino, I.L. Fragala’ L. Armelao, D. Barreca, E. Tondello “Multifuncional nanocrystalline Thin films of Er2O3: interplay between nucleation kinetics and film characteristics”, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 17, 3607 (2007) (IF 7.496)

2. A. Milella, J.L. Delattre, F. Palumbo, F. Fracassi, R. d’Agostino “From low-k to ultralow-k thin-film deposition by organosilicon glow discharges”, – JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY 153, F106 (2006) (IF 2.387)

3) M. Losurdo, G. Bruno, T.H. Kim, S. Choi, A.S. Brown “Study of the dielectric function of hexagonal InN: Impact of indium clusters and of native oxide”, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 88, 121928 (2006) (IF 3.596)

4. L. Detomaso, R. Gristina, G.S. Senesi, R. d’Agostino, P. Favia “Stable plasma-deposited acrylic acid surfaces for cell culture applications”, BIOMATERIALS, 26, 3831 (2005). (IF 6.262)

5. M. Losurdo, M.M. Giangregorio, P. Capezzuto, G. Bruno, M.F. Cerqueira, M. Stepikova ”Dielectric function of Nanocrystalline Silicon with Few Nanometers (<3nm) grain size”, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 82, 2993 (2003) (IF 3.596)