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C1 2005

  1. III-nitrides on Oxygen and Zinc face ZnO Substrates; G. Namkoong, and W. A: Doolittle, M. Losurdo, P. Capezzuto, G. Bruno, B. Nemeth, J. Nause; APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS ; 2005; 87;184104
  2. Interaction of atomic hydrogen with Zn-polar and O-polar ZnO surfaces; M. Losurdo , Giangregorio MM; APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS; 2005; 86; 091901
  3. Interfacial reactions during GaN and AiN epitaxy on 4H- and 6H-SiC(0001); M. Losurdo , Capezzuto P, Bruno G, T.Ho Kim, A.S. Brown, Z. Liliental-Weber; APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS ; 2005; 86; 021920
  4. 4. 70) Optical and electrical properties of nanostructured LaCoO3 thin films; M. Losurdo, A. Sacchetti, P. Capezzuto, G. Bruno, L. Armelao, D. Barreca, G. Bottaio, A. Gasparotto, C. Maragno, E. Tondello; APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS ; 2005; 87 ;061909
  5. 5. Absorption and photoconductivity properties of ZnTe thin films formed by pulsed-laser deposition on glass; A.Erlacher, M. Ambrico , G. Perna, L. Schiavulli, T. Ligonzo, H. Jaeger, B. Ullrich; APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE ; 2005; 248; 402
  6. Biotransformation and liver-specific functions of human hepatocytes in culture on RGD-immobilized plasma-processed membranes; L. De Bartolo, S. Morelli, L.C. Lopez, L. Giorno, C. Campana, S. Salerno, M. Rende, P. Favia, L. Detomaso, R. Gristina, R. d’Agostino, E. Orioli; BIOMATERIALS ; 2005; 26; 4432
  7. Stable plasma-deposited acrylic acid surfaces for cell culture applications; L. Detomaso, R. Gristina, G.S. Senesi, R. d’Agostino P. Favia; BIOMATERIALS; 2005; 26;3831
  8. The impact of SiC substrate treatment on the heteroepitaxial growth of GaN by plasma assisted MBE; A.S. Brown, M. Losurdo, T.H. Kim, M.M. Giangregorio, S. Choi, M.Morse, P. Wu, P. Capezzuto, G. Bruno;CRYSTAL RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY ; 2005; 40; 997
  9. Remote plasma asisted MOCVD growth of GaN on 4H-SiC: growth mode characterization exploiting ellipsometry; M. Losurdo, MM. Giangregorio, P. Capezzuto, G. Bruno; EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL-APPLIED PHYSICS 2005; 31; 159
  10. Mesemchymal Stem Cells on Plasma-Deposited Acrylic Acid Coatings: An In Vitro Investigation to Improve Biomaterial Performance in Bone Reconstruction;M. Mattioli-Belmonte, G. Lucarini, L. Virgili, G. Biagini, L. Detomaso, P. Favia, R. d’Agostino, R. Gristina, A. Gigante, C. Bevilacqua;JOURNAL BIOACTIVE AND COMPATIBLE POLYMERS;2005;20;343
  11. Structural and optical investigation of plasma deposited silicon carbon alloys: Insights on Si-C bond configuration using spectroscopic ellipsometry; M. Losurdo, M. Giangregorio, P. Capezzuto, G. Bruno, F. Giorgis;JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS ;200;97 ;103504
  12. Nucleation and Growth mode of the molecular beam epitaxy of GaN on 4H-SiC exploiting real time spectroscopic ellipsometry; M.Losurdo, G. Bruno, T.H. Kim, S. Choi, A. Brown, A. Moto; JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH 2005; 284; 156
  13. 13. Modification of 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC(0001)(Si) surfaces through the interaction with atomic hydrogen and nitrogen; Losurdo M, Giangregorio MM, Capezzuto P, Bruno, G. T.H. Kim, S. Choi, A. Brown; JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS 2005;34;457;
  14. Properties of Hogh Porosity Sol-Gel Derived Indium-Tin Oxide films; T. F. Stoica, M. Gartner, T. Stoica, M. Losurdo, V.S. Teodorescu, M. G.Blanchin, M. Zaharescu; JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS 2005; 7;2353
  15. Recent Advances in Characerizzation of CaCu3Ti4O12 Thin Films by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Metrology; R. LoNigro, G. Malandrino, M. Losurdo, G. Bruno, I. Fragal;JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2005; 127; 13772
  16. Wet chemical treatment in hydrazine-sulfide solutions for sulfide and nitride monomolecular surface films on GaAs(100);V L Berkovits , Ulin VP, Losurdo M, P.Capezzuto, G. Bruno; JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY; 2005; 152; 349;
  17. Impact of unintentional and intentional nitridation of the 6H-SiC(0001)[sub Si] substrate on GaN epitaxy; Tong-Ho Kim, S. Choi, M. Morse, P. Wu, Changhyun Yi, A. Brown, M. Losurdo, M. M. Giangregorio, and G. Bruno;.JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY B ; 2005; 23; 1181
  18. RF-Sputtering of gold on silica surfaces: dynamics from clusters to continuous films; L. Armelao, D. Barreca, G. Bottaro, G. Bruno, A. Gasparotto, M. Losurdo, E. Tondello; MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-BIOMIMETIC AND SUPRAMOLECULAR SYSTEMS ; 2005; 25; 599
  19. Deposition of hydrocarbon films by means of helium-ethylene fed glow dielectric barrier discharges; F. Fanelli; F. Fracassi; R. d’Agostino; PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS ; 2005; 2; 688
  20. A novel organosilicon source for low temperature plasma deposition of silicon nitride-like thin films; R. Di Mundo, ; R. d’Agostino ; F. Fracassi; F. Palumbo; PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS ; 2005; 2; 612
  21. Protection of silver-based alloys from tarnishing by means of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition; F. Palumbo, R. d’Agostino, F. Fracassi, E. Angelini, S. Grassini, F. Rosalbino; PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS; 2005; 2; 91
  22. Deposition mechanism of nanostructured thin films from tetrafluoroethylene glow discharges; Milella A., F. Palumbo, P. Favia, Cicala G., R. d’Agostino; PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY; 2005; 77; 399
  23. A study of remote plasma nitrided nGaAs/Au Schottky barrier; Ambrico M, Losurdo M, Capezzuto P, G. Bruno, L. Sciavulli, T. Ligonzo, V. Augelli; SOLID-STATE ELECTRONICS; 2005; 49; 413
  24. Reactivity of ZnO: Impact of polarity and nanostructure; M. Losurdo, M.M. Giangregorio, P. Capezzuto, G. Bruno, G. Malandrino, M. Blandino, I.L. Fragal; SUPERLATTICES AND MICROSTRUCTURES; 2005; 38; 291
  25. Control of cell adhesion and spreading by spatial microarranged PEO-like and pdAA domains; E. Sardella, R. Gristina, G. Ceccone, D. Gilliland, A. Papadopoulou-Bouraoui, F. Rossi, G.S. Senesi, L. Detomaso, P. Favia, R. d’Agostino; SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY; 2005; 200; 51
  26. Plasma deposited acrylic acid coatings: surface characterization and attachment of 3T3 murine fibroblasts cell lines; L. Detomaso, R. Gristina, R. d’Agostino, G. S. Senesi, P. Favia; SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY; 2005; 200 ;1022
  27. Immobilization of RGD peptides on stable plasma-deposited acrylic acid coatings for biomedical devices; L.C. Lopez, R. Gristina, G. Ceccone, F. Rossi, P. Favia, R. d’Agostino; SURFACE AND COATINGS TECHNOLOGY; 2005; 200; 1000
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